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ev'reward is a directory of online shopping rewards.

Chances are your favorite online shopping sites will reward you for shopping with them.  These rewards may include cash back rebates (as much as 40% of your purchase back to you), frequent flier miles, contributions to your savings plans, and more.

The problem is the stores don't tell you how to get these rewards.

You'll have to click through links on partner sites to be eligible for them.  What are these partner sites? What, and how much are these rewards? And how do you get them?

We can answer that.

At ev'reward, we scour the web daily for the best shopping rewards available.  Our directory includes over 20,000 rewards for over 10,000 online stores, available through more than 40 leading cash back, frequent traveler, savings reward and points programs.

But wait, there's more.

Why not combine coupons and rewards to save even more? We bring you over 10,000 coupons from the most popular stores and make it easy for you to combine them with your rewards.

Click here to see what we're talking about, or read more in our FAQs.

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