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What are shopping rewards?

Shopping rewards are incentives retailers give you for buying from them, paid through rewards programs affiliated with the retailer.

What are rewards programs?

Rewards programs are membership programs that "reward" members for participating in various online activities, such as shopping, which is the focus of this site.

How do rewards programs work?

Rewards programs are paid commissions by retailers when they refer business to them -- for example, when you click on a link to the store from the program's website and buy something at the store during that visit.  The rewards program then gives a portion of that commission back to you, either in the form of cash back rebates, frequent flier miles, loyalty points, or other incentives.

What's the procedure for getting a reward?

All you normally need to do is sign-up with the rewards program (usually a very quick process where the only personal information required is an e-mail address) then shop using one of the program's links.  Your reward will then be credited to your account after your purchase.  You don't need to change where you shop or how you shop, you just need to remember to visit the rewards program and sign-in first before you go to the retailer.

What are cash back rebates?

Programs offering cash back rewards give you money back when you shop through their website, usually as a percentage of the purchase you make at an affiliated store.  For example, say you want to purchase a $1200 television at Best Buy and Cash-Back-Site.com offers 5% cash back rebates for Best Buy.  If you go to Cash-Back-Site.com and click through to Best Buy and purchase the television, Cash-Back-Site.com will give you $60 back ($1200 x 5%).  These programs can afford to do this because they are paid a commission by the merchant for referring you.

What are college savings rewards?

College savings rewards operate similar to cash back rewards in that you receive a portion of your purchase back when you shop, only in this case the money is transferred to a pre-designated savings account (e.g., a college 529 plan) instead of directly to you.

What are frequent flyer and hotel rewards?

Frequent flyer and hotel rewards are incentives given to you by airlines and hotels when you spend money with them or their partners.  Usually in the form of points or miles, these incentives can be redeemed for free airline travel or hotel stays.

What are points programs?

Points programs like MyPoints, Club Mom, etc. offer incentives to their members for shopping through their site, usually in the form of points.  Points earned can then be redeemed for various free prizes, such as gift certificates or other products and services.

What are online coupons?

Online coupons are discounts and other savings offered directly by the retailer and applied to your purchase at time of checkout.  These are activated in one of two ways: if a "go" link is present next to the coupon title, clicking on it will take you to the retailers, where your discount will automatically be applied when you check out.  If the coupon contains a code, you will have the opportunity to input this code during checkout, at which time the discount will be credited to your order.

Is ev'reward a rewards program? Does ev'reward offer shopping rewards?

No, ev'reward is a directory of rewards programs.  Individual rewards are offered by the respective rewards programs themselves.

A reward listed here is different from what is listed on the rewards program site.
Which is correct?

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our listings, but occasionally they may differ from what is presented on the rewards program website.  Refer to the rewards program site for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

I shopped through a rewards program but didn't receive my reward.  Why?

Refer to the rewards program terms of service and contact their customer service department if necessary.  For some programs you may need to wait up to 90 days for your reward to be credited.  Unfortunately, ev'reward cannot help you claim a reward, but please let us know if you have persistent problems with a particular site.

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